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What Causes Hair Loss?

4 Hair Loss Causes You Need to Know About!

In most cases, the very best way to solve an issue once it has arisen is simply to reverse-engineer it. That is, you need to examine the factors that led to the problem, and then do your best to eliminate those factors. If your hair is thinning, then you really need to explore the most common hair loss causes. Failure to do so will likely result in a lifetime of frustration. Simple changes in your lifestyle can help make your hair healthier, whether that’s changing your diet or deciding between using pomade vs wax to style your hair, it could help prevent hair loss.

Hair loss can be a socially debilitating condition for ladies and gents alike. As such, you really don’t want to play the “trial and error” game to any great degree. Understanding what leads to hair loss, and then looking at your own life to see if there are any parallels is not just a good idea… it’s absolutely critical. Sometimes it’s not possible to avoid it, in which case there treatments available like hair replacement surgery in Las Vegas, but there are plenty of cases where you can so read on to find out how.

Today, we’ll be looking at five of the most typical causes of hair loss worldwide. By the time you’ve finished reading this, you should have a much clearer understanding of what may be contributing to your own condition. This will undoubtedly empower you to make the changes necessary to slow, stop, and maybe even reverse your hair loss!

Four Hair Loss Causes You Need to Know About:

1. Medical side effects

Certain prescription drugs can lead to a thinning of the hair, or even full-on balding. While it would be impractical to list all of the many drugs that can lead to hair loss in this short article, we can certainly cover a few of the main categories.

Some acne medications, antidepressants, blood thinners, epilepsy drugs, diet pills, gout treatments, blood pressure regulators, cholesterol medications, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory treatments, female contraceptives, glaucoma drugs, thyroid medicines, and ulcer treatments have been shown to increase your chances of losing hair.

2. Androgenetic alopecia

This is far and away the most common cause of hair loss in the world today. Quite simply, this is what most of us have come to know as “male or female pattern baldness.” It is a hormonal condition that some of us are just unlucky enough to inherit. It is genetic in nature, and while there is no known cure or 100 percent effective prevention, it can be treated.

At the forefront of this condition is a nasty hormone called DHT. This hormone gathers at the hair follicles and “chokes” them off from their nutrient supply. The affected hair follicles become malnourished, eventually thinning and dying altogether.

3. Stress and trauma

Both physical trauma and emotional stress have led to many a’ case of vanishing locks. Events such as giving birth, undergoing surgery, or even sustaining a nasty infection have been shown to contribute to hair loss. In fact, this type of hair loss is commonly referred to as “telogen effluvium,” and is by no means rare.

Likewise, if you find yourself constantly experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety, or anger, a number of nasty physical effects can result. In some cases, your white blood cells may actually begin to attack your hair follicles, a condition known as “alopecia areata.” If you are someone who goes through a lot of stress and is not sure how to manage these symptoms effectively, finding alternative methods such as trying herbal remedies such as CBD infused products could be worth looking into. Go to this website if this sounds like something you want to find out more about. Just like with anything new, be sure to do your research beforehand. For example, if you are a US citizen you can’t purchase anything from this website legally and would be better off buying such products from sites like The Dab Lab which are within US jurisdiction. Be sure to also research what kind of method you’d prefer to use (e.g comparing bongs to edibles) if this is a route you’d like to proceed on.

4. Malnourished hair follicles

If your body produces too much DHT, or you’re not getting the right hair nutrients in your diet, then hair loss is quite likely to occur. Try supplementing your diet with B vitamins, zinc, copper, iron, magnesium, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids.

Poor scalp circulation may also be to blame. For this, eat plenty of fish, drink lots of water, and consider using a minoxidil topical to dilate the capillaries in your scalp.

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