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What are the best reasons to quit smoking

There is no one particular best reason to quit smoking. There are practically countless reasons out there. All quitters will probably give a different reason to why they quit or want to quit. There is no easy way to stop smoking though as you are probably aware. However, many people are turning to vaping instead of going cold turkey on smoking and apparently they find this better. So if this is something that interests you then you should check out something like this cheap vape juice.

Here are just a few reasons:

You will do it for your family. Smoking reduces the years you have left. You want get married and have a lifetime with your spouse. You want to have children or if they already have children, you want to be a major part in raising them. You don’t want to be too sick to play ball with your children.

You will earn the respect from your family, friends and co-workers. Smokers sometimes feel ashamed of their lives. When you quit, you can feel better about yourself. You’re stronger than cigarettes. You don’t even need to smoke to get that same feeling that you get from cigarettes, you could take a look at something like this smoking cessation blog to understand more how to quit smoking, if you do find yourself struggling. If you do decide to quit smoking through vaping though, then there are plenty of places that you could go to get the right vaping equipment. You could even order things online from a shop like Vaping360 if you preferred to do it that way.

You won’t expose your friends and family to second-hand smoke. Some studies show that about 2% of lung cancer deaths each year are caused by second-hand smoke.

You will do it for your health. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that cigarettes are bad. Smoking is bad for your lungs to bring breath into your body and your heart to keep your blood pumping through your veins to your other organs. Quitting will reduce your chances of having a heart attack or stroke. It will lessen your chances of getting lung cancer and emphysema.

• Tobacco kills more than 435,000 Americans each year. That’s more than HIV, alcohol, illicit drugs, suicide and homicide combined.

You will have fewer wrinkles, so you can make yourself look better and possibly attract that future spouse or just make yourself feel more attractive.

You will be free of those nagging coughing fits. You also won’t have that shortness of breath you may be dealing with when you smoked. You’re coughing and that shortness of breath, because your lungs are filled with a sticky, black substance known as tar. You can’t make it better, but you can keep it from spreading further.

You will have more energy to do things that you once enjoyed. Running or pedaling your bicycle. Quitting smoking can allow you to walk up those steps rather than take the elevator at work or home.

You will smell better. You won’t have those smelly clothes, hair, breath, home, and car. When you smell better, you may have a better chance to get a girlfriend or boyfriend.

You will save more money and that’s important in these tough economic times. If you smoked a pack of cigarettes a day, that’s a lot of money that you can use to buy other things.

You can also get cheaper health insurance or life insurance. It is important to note however that some insurers will require proof of your status as a nonsmoker. This can be achieved through the use of a nicotine test. For more information about nicotine tests, go to the Countrywide Testing website.

And most importantly, you will want to stop smoking for yourself.

Your individual reason to quit smoking may be listed above or yours may be totally different. And finally, whatever is the reason, you just need to find that particular reason for you, so you can put down that cigarette and never pick it up again for the rest of your life.

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