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What are the Best Nicotine Replacements

Nicotine replacement therapy (commonly abbreviated to NRT) is basically the medicated therapy that administers nicotine into the smoker by means other than tobacco, usually as a way to quit smoking altogether. Research has shown that smokers who use some form of NRT can double their chances to successfully quit.

There are several forms of NRT. Most are costly, but if you’re determined to quit smoking you should try to find the money. They are beneficial for your health. You need to think about it this way. The money you spent on packs of cigarette can be used for the NRT that will help you become smoke-free.

The nicotine gum and patch are available over the counter at your local drug store. However, the nasal spray and nicotine inhaler are only by prescription from your doctor. Before you try any of the NRT forms, you should check with your doctor. You should not use any nicotine replacements if you’re pregnant, nursing or about to be pregnant. You can’t smoke while using these products. You can suffer serious side effects or death from an overdose.

As far as picking which NRT, you should read the information and determine what the best one is for you.

  1. The nicotine gum is basically a drug in a gum form. It releases small amounts of nicotine that is absorbed into the body through the mucous membranes of the mouth. It will cut down on the withdrawal symptoms.
    1. It tastes different from regular gum, because it’s medication.
    2. You can buy it at your local drug store.
    3. Most smokers will chew about 10 to 15 pieces of gum every day. The most you could chew should be 30.
    4. The best method is to chew one piece at a time. You should chew it slowly until you feel a tingle in your mouth.
  1. The nicotine patch is applied to your skin. During a prolonged period of time, the nicotine will dissolve right through the skin and enter the body.
    1. It relieves some of the physical symptoms of withdrawal.
    2. There are some common side effects from normal use of the patch. They are headaches, upset stomach, diarrhea and blurred vision.
    3. Some people report a mild burning or itching on the skin near where the patch is applied. This usually goes away within an hour
    4. Some people start with the strongest patch for those heavy cravings during the first few days to weeks. They will gradually taper off to the medium patch.
  1. Nicotine inhalers are used in your mouth.
    1. It’s a cigarette-type device made up of a cartridge containing nicotine with menthol and a mouthpiece.
  1. Nicotine sprays looks just like a typical decongestant nasal spray.
    1. It will deliver a fast shot of nicotine through your nose.

Many people worry that NRT is just as bad as smoking cigarettes, but that’s not true. It provides less nicotine than a smoker would get from cigarettes.

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