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The Raw Food Diet

The Raw Food Diet – Do You Think You Can Handle It?

Arguably one of the healthiest eating plans on the planet, the Raw Food Diet is anything but “casually applied.” This particular way of eating is more a way of life than it is a diet. If you’re considering taking the plunge yourself, be sure to read every word of this article, as it will reveal what this diet entails, and what is required of you to have success with it.

The Raw Food Diet is exactly what the name suggests. It is a diet that consists primarily (75% – 100%) of raw vegetables, herbs, sprouts, nuts, seeds, and fruits. You can have basically any variety of these things, but they must never be heated to over 116 degrees fahrenheit, as this will end up destroying valuable enzymes and fiber.

You are encouraged to own and utilize a juicer. If you don’t own one, you may want to get yourself something like the Hurom slow juicer to start concocting some delicious and healthy juices. In fact, it will become one of your very best friends on this lifestyle plan, as you can end up drinking several glasses of juice each day. Fresh fruit and/or vegetable juice makes the absolute ideal breakfast, as it provides a mega burst of healthy energy, yet requires almost zero energy to digest.

As you can imagine, this diet takes an incredibly strong commitment. In addition to changing the foods you consume, you will most assuredly need to transform the way you think. Your relationship with food will change, as well. You will no longer be eating for comfort or to get full, but to fuel up and energize your cells.

Yes, the commitment is huge, but if you are one of the few who are able to make the transformation into the Raw Food Diet, the rewards will absolutely astound you. For one, you will feel happier, more vibrant, and ambitious. Naturally, the pounds will just melt off your body, creating a leaner and lighter you. Your mind will become crystal clear, your memory enhanced, and your skin radiant and blemish-free. When it comes to looking after your Skin food can make a huge difference and therefore eating a healthy and nutritious raw food diet can potentially have a big impact. Several men and women suffering from hair loss have reported hair regrowth by going raw.

The Raw Food Diet also frees you from fear. Your chances of becoming seriously ill go way down, as your immune system becomes stronger and stronger. And while I’m not here to make any medical claims of any kind, most professionals agree that a diet high in raw, fiber-rich, water-rich foods can actually extend your life… possibly by a lot!

Obviously, the Raw Food Diet won’t appeal to everyone. It’s one of the most “extreme” eating plans on the planet, even beating out veganism (essentially, this is a vegan diet, but even more extreme, as the vegan lifestyle still allows for the cooking process). If you think you can hack it, though, I would highly encourage you to do some serious research and learn as much as you can. Prepare yourself. And then give it your very best effort!

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