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The Mediterranean Diet Overview

The Mediterranean diet!

In a world where fast food and refined food is unfortunately becoming part of everyday life it is important now more than ever to be aware of what you are eating and how it affects your lifestyle. The word diet is often associated with weight loss but diet is actually a make up of what you eat more than how much you eat. What you eat can affect your mood,health and the confidence you have with yourself and your body. A healthy diet will allow you to lose weight naturally as your providing your body with nutrients and foods that it has been primed to handle over 1000’s of years! One such healthy diet that will improve your lifestyle is the Mediterranean diet!

What is the Mediterranean diet?

This diet follows the dietary habits of the Mediterranean region, namely Spain, Greece and Italy. You may have noticed that people from these parts tend to have a great figure and healthy glow and this is down to a diet that has been ingrained in the culture of these countries! The best thing about this style of eating is that the food is so scrumptious,healthy and filling and we all know how the Italians are about food – only the best will do!

How does this diet work?

The diet allows for olive oil,fresh fruits and vegetables,unrefined grains,plenty of fish,a moderate amount of meat and dairy products and of course – a little hint of wine! This diet is often known at the point where “good food” meets “good health” !

The diet is very unrestricted and is simply based on using fresh food sources and not using refined or processed foods. There are many delicious meals and recipes out there and if you are new to this type of eating be prepared for some exciting,exotic and delicious meals! There are also many more benefits of the Mediterranean diet!

Benefits of this style of eating!

While the Mediterranean style of eating has been known about for some time it was only in the 90’s that it started to gain the recognition it deserves. This was mainly due research showing that there were very low cases of heart and health issues in the Mediterranean region compared to that of the United States! This was despite the supposedly high fat content of the Mediterranean way of eating compared to that in the States.

However research has shown that the high fat content in the Mediterranean diet is made up of HEALTHY fats that are extremely beneficial to your health and improve your skin,mood and general health. This also makes the food more filling and satiates ones appetite for much longer reducing hunger and the chance of overeating. The elimination of refined foods means your body is able to partition all food you are consuming and your not subject to quick insulin spikes and crashes know commonly as “sugar rushes”. This means less hunger pans and more energy!

Anyone who wants to improve their health,lifestyle and energy levels should trully consider the Mediterranean way of eating. The diet is filled with nutrients,minerals,vitamins and anti-oxidants that all combine to form a healthy (and tasty) diet that combined with regular exercise will be sure to improve your lifestyle!

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