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The Lemonade Diet – Is This As Grueling As It Sounds?

Do you think you could consume nothing but lemonade for 21 days straight? Many people who have attempted the Lemonade Diet (aka the Master Cleanse) have tried to do just that. While some of these folks are successful in their quest to complete this lofty task, most fall short… way short. This article will help shed some light on this subject.

One of the first questions people ask before beginning this ambitious undertaking is this: Is the Lemonade Diet actually healthy? I’ve heard this subject debated on more than one occasion, with opponents of the “diet” (which is more accurately described as a liquid fast) claiming that the acids in the lemon can rot your teeth, while others claim that lemons actually have an alkalizing effect on the body, which is always great for energy and weight loss. This could be a great diet for those people who are looking to effectively lose weight, without having to think about how they can achieve it. As good as weight loss can be to a person, they may be left with excess skin and fat, which they could feel insecure about. There is no need to feel insecure about weight loss anymore, as people who face the side-effects of this regime may decide to check out something similar to this tummy tuck in Newport Beach, CA. With a range of different treatments on offer, you are sure to find one that works best for you in being able to look and feel your best again. Another potential downside to this diet could be the effect it has on your teeth. I can see the reason behind the argument that it is bad for your teeth- there is both lemon and sugar in the drink, which can both be bad for your oral health. Now and then would be fine, but drinking this all day means lots of sugar and acid attacks on your teeth. If you have a good dentist, like this Dentist in Coconut Grove, then perhaps it’s worth speaking to them if you are thinking of trying this diet. They might have some help and advice.

Another subject that often arises is the difficulty of this diet. As common sense might suggest, going without food can be unpleasant, to say the least. I know. I’ve tried fasting myself, and by the second day I was absolutely obsessed by the thought of food. I sincerely couldn’t focus on anything else. I broke my fast with a celery stick… then a cup of yogurt… and then some pizza, but that’s neither here nor there!

The bottom line is that it’s tough. Really tough. I’ve watched YouTube videos of people who have gone on the Lemonade Diet with a 21 day goal in mind, who ended up being very happy with their 14 day run. While they obviously fell a week short of their initial goal, they considered it to be quite an accomplishment nonetheless. Besides, different sources recommend different durations for this process, with 10 days being accepted as the standard in many circles.

So what exactly is this diet? Well, you begin each morning with a saltwater flush which is designed to cleanse your digestive system. This will make you go to the bathroom like nobody’s business, but that’s the point. You want to expel your toxins, which in and of themselves contribute to much of your excess weight and feelings of lethargy (and even depression).

After this, you can drink as much lemonade as you want. Of course, this is a very specific lemonade, consisting of fresh squeezed lemon juice, purified water, grade b maple syrup (or agave syrup), and cayenne pepper. This combination of ingredients is designed to alkalize the blood, hydrate the system, flush toxins from the kidneys and digestive tract, and even assist in cleansing the joints and muscles.

Many people who have stuck to this daily regimen of a morning saltwater flush (using sea salt and purified water), followed by unlimited quantities of lemonade, have experienced weight loss as significant as two pounds per day! So while the Lemonade Diet may be quite challenging to actually adhere to, its benefits and effectiveness are by no means in question. Is it something that I could do? No, probably not. I think I would rather be mindful about what I am eating and then try the 10 Day Kidney Cleanse from Dherbs to flush my body out. I just know I wouldn’t be able to stick to this diet, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work for you.

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