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Qualities of a successful quitter

A successful quitter is simply a person who will never pick up a cigarette and take a puff of it. It’s that simple on paper, but it’s long and hard in reality. Some people who successful quit smoking have some qualities that stick out.

Successful quitters believe in themselves. They believe that they are able to quit smoking for good.

Successful quitters are motivated to quit smoking. They don’t say they that they’ll have one more pack then quit, they just do it! If it means purchasing the PAX 3 vape or nicotine patches then so be it! They know they can tackle any obstacle that comes their way and stop smoking.
• Even if they slip up once or twice, they will get back on track. An average successful quitter will relapse two or four times before they succeed in becoming smoke-free.

Successful quitters refuse to turn back to smoking. They have thrown away their lighters, ash trays and matches to stay on their path. They have told their family and friends that they won’t pick up that cigarette at all cost.

Successful quitters refuse to make any more excuses that will justify smoking again. Their habit of smoking won’t succumb to those cravings and stress factors in their lives.

Successful quitters have set a date to quit smoking and they will stick with it. Once that date arrives, they will never smoke another cigarette.

Successful quitters accept full responsibility for their smoking habit. They won’t blame their parents, friends, stress or tobacco companies any longer. Their faults are their own and they are determined to work on them constructively.

Successful quitters admit they need help in times of need. They have a strong “quit team” that consists of family and friends who they can call or go to in a critical situation.

Successful quitters are able to use sites like www.gourmeteliquid.co.uk to help aid them away from nicotine. This can be a great option as a vape cart can come in many different flavours, helping the user to quit.

Successful quitters won’t worry about the possibility of gaining weight after quitting. They use other ways to help alleviate that problem when or if it comes.

Successful quitters realize that stress is everywhere and they can handle it in a better way than lighting up a cigarette.

Successful quitters become more focused on their health. They begin diet and exercise programs.

Successful quitters are willing to try nicotine replacement therapies to help lessen the hard process of quitting smoking.

Successful quitters help other smokers to quit. They have “walked in their shoes.” They provide guidance and support to the people who are still addicted to that cigarette.

Successful quitters reward themselves. When they accomplish a set goal, they take the time to say good job and maybe buy themselves a present.

Successful quitters are the ones who won’t light up another cigarette. They tell themselves that they can do this and they are succeeding in that.

Successful quitters are not the more than four million smokers who die each year of smoking-related diseases. This is an average of one death every eight seconds.

Successful quitters are those smokers who quit for some reason and they stick to that every single day for the rest of their lives.

And you can be one of these successful quitters, if you remember you can do it.

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