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How to Combat the Cravings of Smoking?

Quitting smoking is not simple and easy. It usually is the complete opposite. It is a long and hard process. It will be difficult for the first few days and weeks. Smokers, who want to quit, have to endure many obstacles during this process. This process is worth it though because if you continue to smoke it can lead to many health issues like increased chances of cancer and pneumonia. This can lead to untimely, early death which can cause heartbreak and a will dispute.

One of those obstacles is to overcome those pesky cravings and yes, those cravings are for real. They are those times when you really need to take a puff of that cigarette, so you can relax. You may wonder why you get those cravings. You need to remember that you were not only psychologically addicted to smoking, but you were also physiologically addicted.

As you are dealing with those cravings and urgings, you may also notice you’re feeling a bit moody – feeling irritable, anxious, angry and sometimes depressed. Your heart rate and blood pressure may also fluctuate at times. It’s normal. You’re going through nicotine withdrawals. You get those feelings, because you’re coming down from your dependence of nicotine.

To help combat these cravings

  • Keep some substitutes handy that you can suck on or chew.
    • Buy some sugar-free gum or hard candy. Maybe the idea of vaping could be the answer you need to successfully give up smoking. By doing your research into specialist sites such as https://www.cheapweed.ca/budmail/, you’ll at least get an idea as to what you will need to start your journey to becoming a non-smoker. Just like everything, this will take time to get used to, but it will be worth it in the end. There are various studies that demonstrate that vaping is a healthier alternative to cigarettes and so this might be a good option to transition to if you are not only looking to curb your cravings but to quit altogether. Those who wish to vape can find all the products they need to get started by checking out online stores like EightVape.
    • To be healthier, you may want to buy some carrots, celery sticks, raisins or apples. Those are just a few.
    • Just some small foods, because cravings won’t last too long before it goes away.
  • Know that irritability, anxiety, anger and depression are normal feelings after quitting.
    • It will get better with time. It should be less intense after approximately two weeks.
    • See your doctor if these feelings last more than a month.
  • Take out a match. Then take a deep breath while you light that match. Hold it for a few seconds. And then exhale slowly and blow out the match.
    • Pretend it’s that perfect cigarette.
    • You will more than likely feel better.
  • Go for a short walk around the block
    • Exercise is always good and it can relieve your stress.
    • Start off slow at first.
    • It will make you get healthier.
  • Take a shower or bath.
    • It will relieve your stress and make you fresh and clean.
  • Light a candle instead of a cigarette.
    • It helps make the room smell nice.
    • The nice aroma will relieve your stress.
  • Learn to relax quickly and deeply.
    • Try and think of a better place. Feel the tension slip away.
  • Try a new hobby.
    • It will keep your mind occupied.
  • Wear a rubber band around your wrist. Whenever you feel a craving, just snap it against your wrist to remind yourself of all the unpleasant reasons that made you want to quit in the first place.
    • Remember to always wear a rubber band.
    • It will keep you in line.

And finally, cravings are normal when you try to quit smoking. It’s a part of the process. If you have the courage and willpower, you can overcome all these cravings as well as the withdrawal symptoms. They don’t last too long. If you are able to deal with it for a couple weeks, you can quit smoking. The number of people smoking cigarettes is falling as more people turn to the safer option of vaping. If this of interest to you, you can visit an online head shop.

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