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Heart Rate Monitors For Women

Heart rate monitors can be a great way for people to maximize their workouts and burn the most calories possible. This is because they indicate when the user gets their heart rate into the target zone that will allow them to burn the most calories in the least amount of time possible. And don’t worry if you notice the heart rate going up and down on the monitor, heart rate variance (HRV for short) can be a sign that the heart is healthy and as long as you’re mostly in the target zone you’ll be efficiently burning calories with a great workout.

Women have the option of using a heart rate monitor to boost their level of fitness and calorie-burning ability during their workouts. The following heart rate monitors can be great options to boost the effectiveness of their workouts. Heart health is extremely vital after all. This is why CPR training is so useful and lifesaving. You may want to visit Coast2Coast in Mississauga.

The Timex Run Trainer Heart Rate Monitor is stylish and has many features that women will like. Along with wearing Ryderwear workout apparel, the heart rate monitor makes for part of a stylish ensemble you can wear to the gym with confidence that you’re looking great. It can track your running speed, the pace of your run, the distance that you travel, and your heart rate. It is a good heart rate monitor for triathlons with its many features and the information it provides on the screen at one time.

If you are looking for a slimmer heart rate monitor instead, the Garmin FR70 may be more for you. It has less information on the screen than the Timex Run Trainer Heart Monitor, but the Garmin FR70 still provides the amount of time you’ve run and your heart rate, plus provides the time, date, and day of the week when you’re not working out.

The Timex Zone Trainer is another good heart rate monitor for women, and especially if you are concentrating on getting your heart rate into a specific target zone. You can reach a fat burning zone, a cardio zone, or an endurance zone, depending upon whether you want to lose weight or maintain your current weight and build more muscle. The display shows the range you are in, in terms of your heart rate and where on the zone you are at. You can learn exactly how long you spend in each specific zone and exactly how many calories you burn. It also displays the current time, down to the second.

The Suunto M2 Heart Rate Monitor is another excellent choice for women, both in terms of style and in terms of data given. You can learn exactly which heart rate target zone you’re in (based on specific numbers for each corresponding zone) and your exact heart rate. Plus, you gain real-time workout guidance while you’re working out.

The Polar FT4 is another solid choice for women, and especially for those who are just starting out in monitoring their heart rate and looking for an easy heart rate monitor. The screen will show a range of numbers that you need to get your heart rate into in order for your workout to be maximized. The screen will also display whether you are “in the zone” or not. Thus making this the perfect heart rate monitor for those new to monitoring their heart rate and wanting to achieve an optimal heart rate target zone. You will now know right away whether you are in the zone or not.

As you can see, there are many good heart rate monitor options for women. Your choice will come down to exactly what features you want in your heart rate monitor (such as knowing about whether your heart rate is in a specific heart rate target zone or not), the cost, the look, and if you are experienced in tracking your heart rate or not.

By considering the specific features of each heart rate monitor and your experience level, you can make the best choice of which heart rate monitor will enable you to get the most out of your workouts and the best health benefits from your workouts.

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