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Hair Loss Products That Really Work?

Hair loss is big business these days. Surprised? Of course you’re not! Just one look around will immediately reveal the growing demand for hair loss products. As many as half of all men are affected by some degree of thinning hair. And women don’t have it a whole lot better.

Some will simply chalk hair loss up to being part of the human condition. And while genetics and hormones can clearly play a factor, this by no means should suggest that we need to just sit back and take it. There are steps we can take to prevent, slow, stop, and even reverse our hair loss.

Let it be known however that there truly is no magic bullet. No one-size-fits all approach to hair restoration exists. It would be awesome if it did, but that’s simply not the reality. Sorry. We’re gonna have to dig… yep, that means research! 😉

Below are just a few of the many options you have available to you in the always growing world of hair loss products. It will be your job to look at each of these options in detail before making up your mind as to whether or not it’s the best choice for you and your specific condition.

Option #1 – Lasers

Low-level laser therapy is becoming increasing popular for treating alopecia. This type of treatment has been featured on many reputable television programs, and generally involves sitting under a lamp, using a special comb or brush, or simply holding a wand over the scalp for several minutes. The lasers are said to stimulate dormant follicles to start producing once again.

Option #2 – Minoxidil Topicals

The only FDA-approved topical hair loss treatment currently available on the market, minoxidil is a vessel dilator that works by restoring adequate blood flow to the scalp, thereby feeding your starving hair follicles and getting those suckers to start filling in the gaps! Minoxidil is available for both men and women, and is most commonly marketed under the brand name Rogaine.

Option #3 – Finasteride

This drug is taken orally. Most people simply know it as its brand name, Propecia, although a generic version is available. This particular treatment works by inhibiting the production of dihydrotestosterone (the dreaded “DHT”), a hormone that binds to the hair follicles and literally chokes the life out of them. The concept is quite simply… stop the killer, and the dying process stops, too!

Option #4 – Saw Palmetto

While little scientific evidence exists to formally support the effectiveness of this herbal remedy, it continues to grow in popularity. Like finasteride, this treatment is said to block DHT. Many modern hair loss treatment systems incorporate some form of saw palmetto into their overall product.

Option #5 – Surgical Procedures

Certainly the fastest and most effective of all hair loss products, transplantation is also the most invasive… and expensive. That said, if you have a real commitment to restoring as much of your youth as possible, this is an option which is virtually guaranteed to produce results “similar” to what you’re after. Let’s face it, there is no going back… but this can certainly help you restore your overall confidence.


Again, it is up to you to investigate each of the five hair loss product options listed above. As always, you should check with your doctor before including ANY of these in your daily routine. You’ll want to discover any potential side effects associated with these treatments, and weigh any risks you may face against the rewards. Best of luck to you!

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