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Can Iron Save the Day?

With so many hair loss treatments available on the market today all using essentially the same type of marketing propaganda, it may seem that we’re all losing our hair… and that all hair loss is genetic or hormonal. The truth of the matter is that hair loss may be a symptom of a much more serious underlying problem. This is something you should honestly give some thought to before shelling out your hard-earned money on something that will be totally ineffective for you.

Take anemia, for example. Did you know that an iron deficiency can cause your hair to fall out? According to dermatologists, iron may actually be a major contributor to baldness… as well as a potential contributor to hair regrowth!

That said, this sentiment is certainly not shared by the medical community at large. Not everyone agrees that the link between iron deficiency and hair loss is significant enough to assert causation. In simpler terms, anemia may not be entirely responsible for your thinning locks.

But it doesn’t help.

In fact, many arguments against iron playing a major role in hair regrowth are rooted in the idea that the hair loss community as a whole should not develop the notion that iron is a cure-all. Other than that, there is very little debate that anemia does, in fact, contribute to hair loss.

In women with iron deficiencies, studies have shown that iron supplementation makes them “more likely to regrow hair, or at least stop hair shedding.” This is according to George Cotsarelis, director of the University of Pennsylvania Hair and Scalp Clinic. In face, the patients don’t even have to be anemic for this to be the case.

Regardless of the debate surrounding this issue, however, it is certainly recommended that anyone suffering from hair loss get his or her blood checked immediately. It is not wise to assume that pattern baldness is automatically to blame. While the androgen DHT is certainly to blame for most cases of hair loss, something far more serious could be at play here.

If a blood test reveals that an iron deficiency (or anemia) is, in fact, the cause of your particular affliction, then you can go to work fighting two conditions at once. When it comes to people who suffer with Anemia, Supplements for Brain Health and Iron supplementation may do the trick. Iron-rich foods such as liver and dark green vegetables should also be consumed liberally. This could sincerely be a quick fix for you.

Only your doctor should be trusted in addressing your condition. Please do not entrust your health to opinions and advice you read on the Internet, including this article. Schedule a doctor’s appointment. Let him or her give you a thorough checkup. Have your blood looked at. Only then should you even consider treating your hair loss.

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