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Going Cold Turkey

How to do it and Is This the Best Method?

There are two basic ways to quit smoking. One is to quit immediately or usually called “going cold turkey.” The other one is to taper off gradually. With all the studies and research out there, cold turkey is the most popular method. You just need to decide what is best for you.

Going cold turkey is simple. You set a date to quit smoking. When that day comes, you stop smoking entirely. You basically tell yourself that you’re done with smoking. Most people, who quit this way, will all throw their cigarettes into the toilet and flush them. You will never have smoke another cigarette.

Eighty percent of smokers who quit do so without being in any program. However, studies show that 95% of these “cold turkey” quitters fail and go right back to smoking within 12 months.

This method rarely leads to quitting for more than a day or two. The cravings will come back. You get stressed out about your job or the kids are getting on your last nerve and you will run to the nearest convenience store and buy a pack of cigarettes. Then, you’ll feel bad that you slipped up.

You shouldn’t feel that bad. People do slip, but you should try and get back to the process of quitting smoking. Remember, average successful quitters relapse two to four times before finally succeeding.

When you decide to throw those cigarettes away again, you need to remain positive. You need to keep telling yourself that quitting smoking is a long and hard process. However, you just need to take it day by day and remember not to pick up that cigarette.

So, the cigarettes are gone – flushed down that toilet. Now, all your energy will go to maintenance. That means not to smoke and remain a non-smoker. It may sound simple, but it’s tough.

Because going cold turkey, you won’t have any assistance in the psychologically and physiologically part of your addiction to smoking. You will probably experience more symptoms of withdrawal. You will be more moody and probably physically sick at times.

It can be a terrifying at times. You might get in one of those situations, where you got to have that cigarette to calm down. However, you need to rely on your own willpower at that time. You can always call a friend or family member and talk about what you’re experiencing. That sometimes helps to pass the time until that craving goes away. They aren’t too long. Just as long as you don’t smoke, then you’re winning that battle.

So going cold turkey can seem simple – just setting that particular date and then throwing away those cigarettes and stopping. It takes a lot more than that. However, many non-smokers believe it’s really the only way to succeed. You need to decide what’s best for you. One thing to remember is quitting smoking is not as much an event, as it is a process. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again

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