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Getting Family Support to Help You Quit Smoking

Yes, you are the one who put that cigarette in your mouth and you smoke it, but others can still play an important role in your smoking habit – and in your effort to quit.

You may be telling yourself that you don’t need anybody to quit and that you can quit on your own. Well, that’s not true or you would have been a successful quitter by now.

Having family support is a major factor to remain smoke-free. Every successful quitter will have their good and bad days during this process. On those bad days, they will need some form of support, cooperation and encouragement. That support will come in handy when you’re hit with that strong craving and you want that cigarette badly. That is a critical time when you really need that family support.

You may be asking yourself how you get that support. Well when you’re preparing to quit smoking, you will want to form a quit team. This is a group of people who you can rely on when you need some help. Most quit team members will be one for any situation you will have to endure. It usually consists of a family member, a friend from work and a close friend.

Those are the people who you can count on if you get in a jam. You need to get their cell phone number and tell them you may call them at any time of the day or night. A telephone call can boost your mood and it may keep you from smoking.

If it’s all possible, one of those in your quit team should be a former smoker. Former smokers are always important to successfully quit smoking. They have walked in your shoes. They know what you’re going through. They can also provide you with support and guidance.

You may be asking how family and friend support can help with those pesky cravings. Well, during those first couple weeks after your last cigarette, there are some ways to help alleviate that strong urge. You can change your routine. Call up a friend and ask them to join you for a walk. Exercise is always important for quitters. Or if that walk is not an option, you ask a friend for a dinner and a movie night.

You may think that if you have family or friends who smoke you can quit together. Well, there are some good things as well as bad things with that. Yes, it’s a good thing when you both have the same desire intensity. You can work together to deal with your cravings. However, it can backfire. If one of the group loses that battle, the other one will probably start smoking too.

You need to remember that your goal is to quit smoking. Having family support and a quit team are always beneficial. However, quitting with a family member is not so good. Only you know what’s good for yourself.

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