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With So Many Diet Plans Conflicting With Each Other, Who Can You Trust?

Frustrating is an understatement, I know. It can be so incredibly difficult to cut through all the conflicting information you get from the various diet plans out there. What makes this such a difficult task? Well, for starters, most of these diet plans have been created by equally qualified people. This article is about to expose these discrepancies, helping you make an effective, stress-free dieting decision. If you would like to make a healthier lifestyle choice and a stress-free dieting decision, then you may want to check out the best keto test strips to measure the state of your nutritional ketosis after reading this article, which will help you with your diet plans and reach your goal!

We’ve all seen it. One health guru tells you that in order to lose weight and build lean muscle, you’ve got to eat lots of lean protein and very few carbs. A week later, you’re exposed to another health guru (just as renowned as the first) telling you that common sense tells us that we need less and less protein as we get older, that this fact is obvious when you look at the composition of a mother’s milk as her baby gets older (the protein decreases), and that the animals we eat for protein didn’t get their protein by consuming protein, but rather amino acids.

Is milk good for you… or terrible? Does veganism create weak, frail people… or absolute powerhouses? Does consuming fat actually make you fat? Depending upon the book you’re currently reading, the “official” answers to these questions can vary wildly.

So here’s what I propose. It is the most common sense approach known to man. Follow results! Try something for a week and monitor your progress. If you’re headed in the right direction, continue. Otherwise, follow the next guru’s advice for a week and see how that works for you.

If this level of trial and error doesn’t appeal to you, consider the commonly accepted truth that diet plans that have you consuming fewer calories than you use are going to work every time. That’s just the way the body is designed. Regardless of any of the latest diet trends that may tell you that calories don’t matter, use your own common sense on this one.

Extra calories are stored as body fat. This fat is full of calories (units of energy). If you keep stuffing yourself with more calories than you use, then your body will continue to store them. On the other hand, when you use more calories than you consume, your body will pull from your fat reserves in order to fuel itself. Any diet plans that try to debunk this well-known fact are immediately subject to suspicion from where I stand.

What’s really funny to me about a lot of these genuinely convincing programs is that they try to pitch their diet by claiming that you can eat whatever you want and don’t have to do much exercise. What you eat and how you move your body are ALL that matter when it comes to losing weight. The fresher and more natural your food, the better. And the more you exercise, the better (within reason).

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