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How to Reverse-Engineer Your Way Back to Silence!

You will be hard-pressed to ever relieve or eliminate your tinnitus symptoms if you can’t pinpoint what it was that actually caused the ringing to start. A proper diagnosis from a trusted health care professional is incredibly important. In fact, without it, you may just suffer from tinnitus for the rest of your life. This article covers some of the potential causes so that you can start identifying and reverse-engineering your condition.

The minute your potential causes of tinnitus are narrowed down to one or two, you can begin to laser target your treatment efforts. In fact, not “getting to the bottom of” what’s causing your ears to ring virtually ensures that you become a statistic, learning to cope with your condition without ever really doing away with it. In a great many cases, it doesn’t have to be like this.

Causes of tinnitus are well varied, not to mention extremely plentiful. It is incredibly important that you familiarize yourself with what they are. Then, you should definitely pay a visit to your doctor in search of a proper diagnosis. Remember, the correct diagnosis is paramount to a speedy recovery from this often debilitating disorder. There’s something else you should know, as well…

Tinnitus is NOT a Disease!

It is important for you to understand this point because doing so can save you a whole lot of money and false hope. What does this mean? Well, the bottom line is that what we’re really looking at here is a symptom of something else. And that “something else” can mean a whole assortment of things. Again, we will cover these momentarily.

But if you are being marketed a supplement or miracle potion that claims to alleviate tinnitus symptoms, you’ve really got to ask yourself how that’s even possible. In essence, tinnitus is like itchy skin, which can be caused by anything ranging from an allergic reaction, eczema, psoriasis, and niacin intake to bee stings, poison ivy, chicken pox, mosquito bites, and sunburn! And there are countless others.

So if someone tells you they’ve got a cure for itchy skin, hopefully a few red flags go up in your mind, as it is extremely doubtful that any one single treatment can cure ALL of the aforementioned conditions which lead to itchy skin. Make sense?

This is very much the case with tinnitus, too. There are numerous potential causes which NO one treatment can POSSIBLY cure. And when you look over the following “causes of tinnitus” list, you will very easily see why. In fact, let’s jump right to it, okay?

Causes of Tinnitus – A Few Common Tinnitus Causes:

* Cochlea (Inner Ear) Damage
* Loud Noises and/or Music
* Nerve Malformation
* Blood Vessel Disorders
* Earwax Buildup
* Age-Related Hearing Loss
* Stress, Anxiety, Depression
* Improper Nutrition
* Acidic Bloodstream
* Various Medications
* Drug and/or Alcohol Abuse
* Toxic Buildup In the Body
* High Blood Pressure
* Atherosclerosis
* Small Brain Lesions
* Head and/or Neck Tumors

Obviously, some of these tinnitus causes are more common than others. In fact, studies indicate that the top 3 causes of tinnitus among men and women worldwide are cochlea damage (caused by intense loud noises), brain lesions, and stress. Again, visiting your doctor and getting to the bottom of what’s causing your ears to ring will give you the very best chance of dramatically reducing, or even eliminating your tinnitus symptoms.

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